The Doughnut portrait of the Brussels Region

The Donut portrait of Brussels is a tool for establishing a social and environmental diagnosis of its territory. Like a compass, the Donut portrait should enable CBR to appreciate the path it must take if it wishes to enter the fair and safe Donut area.

The Donut portrait provides answers to 3 essential questions:

  • Is Brussels in the Donut’s fair and safe space?
  • Is the region moving towards this space?
  • How fast is Brussels moving towards this space?

Navigate through the portrait and explore the different dimensions!

– Only available in French for the moment

For more information

The report

How was this portrait made? How were the boundaries calculated? Why were these dimensions chosen? You will find the answers to all these methodological questions in the full report below. A condensed version is also available!


Discover the database of portrait indicators here. Operating instructions and a manual are included for your convenience.