The Doughnut portrait of the Brussels Region

What is the "Doughnut portrait"?

“Where does the Brussels Region stand in relation to the boundaries of the Doughnut? What proportion of its population falls under the social foundation? Does the Brussels Region contribute to the overshooting of the ecological ceiling?” Here are some of the questions that must be asked to create the “Doughnut portrait”.

This portrait measures the current state of the Region and indicates the situation to be attained. It is therefore a mirror of the Brussels reality, while tasked with collectively designing a sustainable and desirable future.

More than an evaluation, the portrait is above all the starting point of a change process bringing on board all stakeholders.

The 4 "lenses" of the Doughnut portrait

To build the Doughnut portrait, we observe the situation of the Region through 4 different lenses, which cross-reference the scales (the local and the global) and the challenges (the social and the ecological).

These 4 lenses – which are totally complementary and linked – shed light on the far-reaching interdependencies that exist between these challenges while factoring in what is happening at home and away.

Discover the 4 lenses of the donut portrait through these short videos (French spoken with Dutch subtitles):

You can also re-watch the full webinar on the Donut Portrait here (in French).

In concrete terms, where do we start and how?

The starting point for evaluating the Brussels Region through the prism of each of the 4 lenses, were indicators that measure the situation for each area of the portrait.

But… are these indicators enough to effectively grasp and measure the progress of the Region? Are there not “blind spots” in our current perspective that are highlighted by the Doughnut? Should we choose different targets? What are the most relevant indicators for judging progress?

Discover the first version of the Doughnut portrait of the Brussels Region

From the existing data, we created a first version of the portrait, intended, above all, as an invitation for everyone to embrace it and contribute to it!

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The methodological note of the Donut portrait of the Brussels-Capital Region

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