Political strategies under the magnifying glass of the doughnut

What do we mean by 'strategy'?

It is about all the policy measures that can be taken, at regional or local level. We want to explore, together with political representatives and members of the administration, to what extent the political strategies adopted in Brussels fit into the doughnut. That is to say, how they take into account all their impacts: not only economic but also social as well as ecological, local as well as global.

What are we doing ?

"Shifting Economy"

The beginning of 2022 saw the publication of the regional economic transition strategy for the Brussels-Capital Region “Shifting Economy”, supported by Secretary of State Barbara Trachte. Its goal?  It aims to transform Brussels’ economy into one that is decarbonized, regenerative, circular, social, democratic and digital. 

The strategy is completely in line with the principles of the Doughnut economy, since it sets out to re-embed economic activity within planetary boundaries, while respecting human well-being. It covers a range of sectors essential for Brussels’ economic life: trade, digitalization, health, food, renovation, mobility, etc. In concrete terms, it sets out to re-channel economic subsidies in the direction of exemplary actors: first in 2024, when the subsidies will be increased, then in 2030, when all the economic tools in the Region will be realigned so that they focus on supporting companies that have ramped up their exemplary social and environmental credentials. 

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