Everyday objects that reveal our impacts

Why an object?

When you take a deep hard look at an everyday object such as an apple, a t-shirt or a mobile phone through the prism of the Doughnut, we can learn a lot about how our consumption triggers a host of social and ecological impacts, here in Brussels and elsewhere in the world.

Once these impacts are recognized, it becomes possible to make more conscious choices, both at the individual and organizational levels.

The smartphone

Objects are a good introduction to the donut theory. In order to create an easily accessible teaching tool, we have analysed a smartphone using the 4 glasses tool: an object that concerns us all and embodies many issues!

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Discover the analysis of Jean-Pierre Raskin, a specialist in microelectronics, on the usefulness of the 4 glasses tool for understanding all the invisible issues of our smarphones.

The T-Shirt

How does the production and consumption of a T-shirt affect the 4 glasses? Here’s the pictorial result of one of our workshops.

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