Walloon bosses get a taste of the doughnut

Last week, members of the Entreprise en Marche network received training in the Donut Theory. This is a group of Walloon business owners who want to put people and nature back at the heart of the organisation.

The session therefore enabled them to confront the dual socio-environmental limits of the Donut in order to diagnose their activity, but above all to generate ideas for entering their activities into the fair and safe space of the Donut. 💡

Some ideas mentioned:

👉 “I’d have to review the structure of my AC to make it more diverse.”

👉”We should do the Donut by “proxy” i.e. at our customers’ premises, to raise their awareness too!”

👉”Instead of selling a product, we could sell a feature: a much greener model”.

And what did the participants think?

👉”A very structuring tool”.

👉”The Donut forces us to think further ahead”.

👉”This workshop should be replicated just about everywhere”.

The BrusselsDonut team was delighted to be able to run this workshop in a particularly warm atmosphere! On the way to a Donut-flavoured Wallonia! 🐓