Global Donut Day: Focus on our portrait

On 13 November, during Global Donut Day, the BrusselsDonut team held a conference on the Donut portrait of Brussels, i.e. the set of social and environmental indicators that can serve as a compass for the area.

Although the data is currently only a first working base, Fanny Dethier, a researcher at the Ichec, explained the methodology developed, which represents the core of the research work carried out during this 2nd phase of the project. It was an opportunity to take an in-depth look at the conceptual solidity on which the portrait is based, and which very probably makes the Brussels portrait one of the most accomplished models in the world.

The audience was introduced to the new ‘prezi’, a dynamic way of navigating through the portrait. You can now discover this tool (in French only for the moment) on our website (see page below). The audience was also able to ask all the questions raised by this approach. It was also an opportunity to point out the limits of the exercise as it has been carried out. Given the means and resources available, the Donut portrait still needs to be fine-tuned and, above all, more collectively and democratically appropriated. The BrusselsDonut team is currently doing its utmost to promote and continue this work.

If you’d like to find out more, feel free to have another look at the page dedicated to the portrait on our website!