Rethink your business design with Better Business

The Better Business start-up had the opportunity to take part in the new Donut Theory corporate workshops. Two rich sessions that led them to work on the social and environmental impacts of their activities, as well as exploring how corporate ‘design’ could be adapted to help achieve their most regenerative and distributive ideas.

👉 What was the point of taking part in these workshops for Better Business? Eliane Dupret, its founder, testifies:

“One of the things we learnt was that…

🔗 Our interdependence is greater than we think

📊 Our practices must be regularly evaluated

🌍 Our impact needs to be questioned by outsiders

We recommend it for…

💡 Get out of your bubble and think “out of the box”.

💡 Imagining and co-creating new challenges within an inspiring theoretical framework.”

What if 2023 was the year your business really branched out towards a regenerative and redistributive horizon?