Strengthening the social and environmental
responsibility of "LES JEUNES ENTREPRISES"

Les Jeunes Entreprises is a non-profit organisation that seeks to promote the entrepreneurial spirit among young people. Through a number of programmes, particularly in schools, they try to inspire young people to carry out their entrepreneurial projects using the “learning by doing” method. 

Keen to pass on strong values to young people, this not-for-profit organisation called on the Brussels Donut team to see how the donut framework could contribute to strengthening the association’s social and environmental responsibility dimension.

During the two working sessions, all the association’s activities and operations were reviewed. Many transformative ideas were put forward with the aim of raising public awareness of virtuous entrepreneurship for the planet and its inhabitants. There was also a strong desire to internalise these values into the way the team operates, so as to be credible in the eyes of young people.