Tips for greater urban sustainability

Duss is a Belgian company with expertise in urban sustainability. As part of a consortium responsible for a project to renovate a building belonging to the European institutions, they were given the task of defining how to carry out this mission in the most virtuous way possible, both environmentally and socially. That’s why they turned to the theory of the donut, which aims to be exhaustive in social and environmental terms. The Brussels Donut team supported them in this complex task.

As is often the case in the construction sector, this is a long-term project. The work is therefore still in progress.

Nevertheless, the exercise of applying the donut theory to a sector like construction is proving to be a fascinating one. Although the elements making up the environmental ceiling for the renovation of a building were already known, those of the social floor were much less well known. This demonstrates that the Donut’s holistic approach offers a relevant framework, even for very specific sectors and projects. The BrusselsDonut team is delighted that initiatives such as this are becoming a reality.