workshop with Passa Porta

– Very instructive!

– “Exercise to be repeated!

– “These transformative ideas are exciting for our future!”

– “We came away with concrete ideas that generate excitement!”

– I also learnt a lot about my organisation!

– “It’s opened up our thinking!”


🗣️ Overview of the testimonials gathered after the Donut workshop carried out with ASBL Passa Porta, International House of Literature.

Over the course of two mornings, the team immersed themselves in a range of exercises to confront their socio-environmental impact and identify areas for improvement. They were also asked to rethink the ‘design’ (or functioning) of their organisation to analyse how to unlock the most ambitious and transformative ideas.

The Donut team was delighted to be able to support the enthusiastic Passa Porta team and the meaningful project to which they are dedicated 💚


👍 On the road to a regenerative and distributive economy ♻