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Here you’ll find an overview of our services and the 3 different options available. Whether you’re in the public, private, voluntary or academic sector, we’ll be delighted to help you!


A. Introduction to the Donut

Would you like to discover the Donut theory and/or its application in Brussels through a presentation? Or in an interactive and dynamic way? This “awareness-raising” formula will enable you to understand the key messages of the Donut theory and what can be done with it in the field.

For the general public

B. Food through the prism of the Donut

Did you know that our food system is the sector that has the greatest impact on the different planetary boundaries of our biosphere? The social stakes involved in producing and consuming our food are also often overlooked, yet they are staggering. Thanks to the 360°C analysis of the Donut, discover our food systems in a fun and instructive way.

For the general public


Would you like to go one step further than just raising awareness, and discover how the Donut Theory can be applied to your activities or projects? The Training package will meet your needs. This workshop will give you an initial insight into the operational mode of the Donut theory and show you how this model can help you move towards a more regenerative and distributive horizon.

The workshop, which lasts between 1.5 and 3 hours, is prepared with you in advance to meet your expectations as closely as possible. Whether it’s as part of a team-building exercise, an in-house training session, a refresher course or a project evaluation, all these moments are ideal for holistic reflection with the Donut.

For all groups, associations, companies and public authorities.


Would you like to transform one of your projects and/or your organisation using the donut theory? With the Coaching package, you will have the opportunity to be coached through tailor-made, co-constructed workshops with the aim of using the Donut model as a tool for transformation. This longer-term approach enables us to draw up a vision towards which we can strive and to define together the steps and partnerships needed to get us there.

For any group, association, company or public authority.

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