Podcast Le Tournant

Listen to the podcast of the "Déclic - Le Tournant" programme devoted to the Doughnut theory.

Article in

Read the article published in De Standaard on the occasion of our major conference in May 2023.

radio programme
Tendances Première

Listen to the podcast of the "Tendances Première" programme devoted to the Brussels Donut.

Kate Raworth's lecture

Watch the video of Kate Raworth's talk given at the "Beyond The Growth" conference.

Download our 3 reports of phase 1 of the 2020-2021 project

Three documents present our results and lessons learned of phase 1 of the 2020-2021 project. Those different documents should allow everyone, according to their interest, needs or available time, to find the necessary information and, above all, to be inspired for the future. These documents can be read separately.

  • The first booklet summarises all the results, and some theoretical explanations. It is thus an ideal starting point for those who do not yet know Donut or do not yet know exactly what to do with it.
  • The second booklet contains the concrete results of our explorations and the lessons we have drawn from them for the Brussels-Capital Region, which can serve as guidance and inspiration for its actors in the economic, environmental and social transition.
  • Finally, the third booklet presents methodological guidelines and tools to guide the various actors who want to implement the Donut in their actions.

The working annexes

Find out more about the accompanying documents here:

Kate Raworth’s presentation for the final event

The methodological note of the Donut portrait of the Brussels-Capital Region

The database constructed for the Donut portrait of the Brussels-Capital Region

The sources of the Donut portrait of a smartphone