the 4 lenses – the Doughnut unrolled

The Doughnut was developed for the scale of the Earth. But applying the Doughnut to a particular “territory” (a region, organization, etc.) makes the two-dimensional vision of the Doughnut (in terms of foundation and ceiling) insufficient. It must be “unfolded”, or “rolled out”, in order to allow two type of challenges (social and ecological) to intersect on two scales (local and global).

The Doughnut team of Confluences asbl offers workshops and coaching to companies, administrations and organizations of various sizes to guide them through this exercise.

👓The “local-social” lens examines the satisfaction of social needs and the realization of the aspirations of the territory’s population, by specifying the meaning to be given to each social dimension in the light of the given context. Local social norms are not identical everywhere.

👓The “local-ecological” lens explores the ways in which the territory can — beyond simply reducing its ecological impacts — contribute to natural cycles, to the restoration of ecosystems in its direct environment.

👓The “global-ecological” lens questions the territory’s share of responsibility for global environmental impacts and aims to determine whether or not it respects its “fair share” of global ecological resources and capacities.

👓Finally, the “global-social” lens is an invitation to take into account the impacts that the choices made here have on populations elsewhere in the world. Our consumption patterns have impacts on the populations working to produce them or extract the resources we need.