Rethinking the design

Tackling boundaries such as ecological ceilings and social foundations, whether local or global, requires a major overhaul of our economic activities. The Doughnut model proposes to reshape the design of our organization or company through 5 concepts:

  • Objectives: can we change the way we formulate our objectives?
  • Network:  can we involve more/other people or organizations? Who can we work with?
  • Governance: can we organize ourselves differently? Can we adjust our decision-making methods?
  • Ownership: can we change the ownership structure of our organization?
  • Finance: can we organize the financing flows of our business differently?

Using the tools developed by the DEAL (Doughnut Economics Action Lab), an international collaborative platform, the Doughnut team at Confluences asbl offers workshops and coaching to companies, administrations and organizations keen to explore the Doughnut approach in greater detail and embrace a regenerative and distributive business design .