Workshop Donut - Shifting week

Which environmental indicators for the Brussels donut portrait?

As part of its approach as a territory in transition, the Brussels-Capital Region wanted to confront the donut theory to offer a new way of understanding and measuring the well-being of its territory. A first portrait of the Region was thus developed and presented in May 2021. This first version of the portrait of Brussels nevertheless needs to be completed and refined: the objective is to produce a dynamic portrait, of the “monitoring table” type, bringing together a set of key indicators that objectify the situation and evolution of Brussels in terms of its socio-environmental performance.

As part of the process of continuous improvement of the Brussels Portrait, Confluences (the non-profit organisation that is carrying out the project) is organising a ‘working session’ on the environmental dimension of this portrait. What are the key indicators to be integrated to measure the environmental quality of Brussels? With what objectives? With what data? If you have expertise or an interest in these issues, you are warmly invited to participate. Your contribution to the design of this new well-being indicator for our beautiful city will be more than appreciated.

This workshop will be held on Tuesday 22 November from 2 to 4.30 p.m. at Mundo Madou (Avenue des Arts 7-8 Brussels 1210).

To register, please contact Paul Vanderstraeten ( and and specify what your interest or expertise is.